Local Development Plan 2014

The adopted Stirling Local Development Plan document can be viewed below. It is divided into three parts. Part 1 includes the Introduction, Vision, Spatial Strategy and Policy. Settlement Statements - including Proposals Maps - are listed alphabetically in Parts 2 and 3:

Alternatively you can view the Online Adopted Local Development Plan Map, which shows data including sites which are allocated for development, Green Belt, Conservation Areas and Local Landscape Areas.

Supplementary Guidance

The statutory development plan also comprises Supplementary Guidance. Guidance on a range of different topics has been adopted by the Council in support of the Local Development Plan.

Action Programme

An Action Programme supports the delivery of the Stirling Local Development Plan by setting out the actions and partnerships that are necessary to implement the strategy of the Plan.

The Stirling Local Development Plan is under review and is expected to be replaced by Local Development Plan 2 early in 2018.

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