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Do you live in an area that has either no or unsatisfactory Broadband connectivity? If so we can help.

To confirm if you're included in BTs fibre expansion programme please check If not you may be interested in contacting Douglas Baillie.

Current Community Broadband Projects in Stirling

Funding for Community Broadband

Stirling Council has funding available for communities that wish to seek alternative connectivity options or  suppliers. Stirling Council also have a partnership with LEADER to support communities with funding. Funding is granted on an individual case basis and is subject to State Aid rules. Vouchers are still available to premises that receive under 2Mbps. Details and the criteria can be found at

To find out more please contact Douglas Baillie.  

Main roll out programmes and technology alternatives.

Listed below are brief details of the main rollout programmes.


The current DSSB (Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband) programme is due to end on March 2018. The residual money from the programme is now being invested in the "Gainshare" programme and will run until December 2018. This will still leave many rural communities without connectivity. Contact Douglas Baillie to get an update on what developments are affecting your rural area in Stirling and what the Council are doing to support rural communities.

Alternatives to Fibre technology include Wireless, Satellite and Whitespace.


In addition to the aforementioned programmes the new R100 (Reaching 100%) programme is presently live and fluid. This is expected to deliver 30Mbps to every premises in Scotland by 2021. The country has been split into 3 areas North, Central and South for the purposes of the procurement excersise. The details of the programme commenced in early 2017, with the final tender awards due in December 2018.          

LFFN November 2017

The UK government has made available £200m to help extend the fibre networks. This involves the possible use of Council owned properties. Stirling Council have submitted and Expression of Interest and will submit their full application in January 2018. Further details can be found in one of the links below.  



Miscellaneous information

Previous Updates.

Roadshows and presentations.

Broadband Suppliers Roadshow –

15 June, 2016 at "Inn at Kippen"

7th December 2016 at Balfron secondary school.

The Suppliers who attended were BT, Briskona, 802Works, ABInternet, InternetAnywhere and Simply Solutions. Advisory organisations who attended were Digital Scotland, Community Broadband Scotland and Stirling Council. If you feel your community would benefit from a Roadshow or presentation please contact Douglas Baillie.


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