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Your Questions Answered

What are Non-Domestic Rates?

Non-Domestic Rates is the commercial/business equivalent of Council Tax and is payable on every other building - i.e. shop, office, factory, and so on - that is not somewhere that people occupy as a home.

Where can I pay my Non Domestic Rates?   

You can pay your rates bill at Customer First and all Stirling Council local offices. You can also pay this online or by Debit Card over the phone. 

How can I pay my non-domestic rates bill?

Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay.  Payments will automatically be deducted from your bank account on the 15th of each month. If you choose to pay by any other method, payment is due by the 1st of the month.  If your instalments change, your monthly payments will change automatically.  To start paying by Direct Debit, please download a form.

Pay Online

By Phone

Using your Debit Card, please phone 0845 277 7000.  You will need the 13 digit reference number from your bill.

By post

Payments should be addressed to: Rates Team, Teith House, Kerse Road, Stirling, FK7 7QA.  

Cheques or Postal Orders should be crossed and made payable to Stirling Council. Please remember to write your reference number, name and address on the back of your cheque.

Paying on Time

You need to pay by the first of every month from 1st May to February (unless you pay by Direct Debit).  If you do not wish to pay by instalments, you should make full settlement before 1st October .

Rate payers who fail to pay 4 monthly instalments by 30th September or fall 2 or more instalments behind after that date will receive a reminder.  If you fail to pay, further recovery and enforcement action will follow.

To make a payment or enquire about charges phone the Rates Team on 01786 233175 or email us.

I am having difficulty paying my rates. What can I do?

If you fall into arrears or have difficulty paying, please contact us immediately. It may be possible for some other system of payment to be arranged.

I have sold my property, what should I do about paying the non-domestic rates?

You or your solicitor must contact the Non-Domestic Rates department with the following information:

  • The name and address of the buyer
  • The date of settlement
  • The Sellers forwarding address
  • Solicitors details for both parties

How do you arrive at my rateable value?

The Assessor has a statutory right to collect information from owners and occupiers relating to property values such as building costs, sale prices, rents and soon. This information is analysed by his professional staff who set the rateable values based on this information.

I think that my Rateable Value is too high. How can I appeal against it?

As the Assessor is responsible for setting the Rateable Value which is placed on your property, any queries regarding valuation should be addressed to The Assessor and sent in writing.  Please note that no payment or part payment should be withheld pending the settlement of an appeal.  You should continue to pay as normal.  If the appeal finds in your favour, you will be refunded any overpayment with interest to compensate.

Is the Rateable Value amount on my valuation notice the amount of rates that I have to pay?

The Rateable Value is not the figure which you pay. Your non-domestic rates bill is calculated by multiplying the Rateable Value by a figure called the Rate Poundage which is set each year by the Scottish Government. We will also apply any relief to which you may be entitled. At the present time, most rates bills are considerably lower than the figure of Rateable Value.

You can calculate your rates bill using the Scottish Governments Rates Calculator.

Will I be informed of my rateable value?

In a year of revaluation or when he alters or makes a new entry in the valuation roll the assessor is required to issue a valuation notice to Proprietor, Tenant and occupier named in the roll. The notice sets out details of the relevant entry and provides information on the time limits and rights of appeal available.

Where can I find out the rateable values of any property?

You can find out the rateable value of any property in Scotland through the Scottish Assessors website