City Deal

city deal awardThe Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal is a historic document that will provide the platform for transformational change to the people and businesses of Stirling.

Following an initial investment of £90.2million from both the UK and Scottish Government, the Deal will trigger a ripple effect of investment in the area worth up to £600million and could create up to 5,000 jobs. The initial signing on March 31 at the Engine Shed in the City centre was followed up by a further pledge of £5million from the Scottish Government for projects in Kildean and Callander.

Below, we took a closer look at some of the projects being supported by the deal.


The region has particular expertise in Aquaculture and Environmental management and the Deal will deliver new investment and facilities to build up new industries and support sustainable growth in these areas.

This includes the creation of a new Scottish International Environment Centre, supported by £23million of government investment. The Centre will aim to tackle global environmental challenges by establishing a research and policy centre in Stirling as well as skills and training facilities and a business incubator in Alloa.

The creation of a new Aquaculture Hub will also be a first for Scotland and the UK. This £32million facility will bring the forefront of research and development to Stirling’s door step with the establishment of four aquatic research facilities providing a full range of marine environment conditions for study and exploration.


The City Region Deal will also see vital investment plugged into Stirling’s digital infrastructure through the creation of the Digital District. With the aim of establishing Stirling as one of the UK’s leading areas for digital technology, the District will seek to attract infrastructure and skills to transform urban, rural and disadvantaged areas of the region in the next 10 years.

An initial £2million pledge from the Scottish Government will provide a platform for further growth, opening up new business space and allowing the industry to blossom in Stirling. An additional £2million will oversee the roll out of training and business development in the digital sector through the creation of hubs across the rural regions.

Culture and tourism

History and culture are two of Stirling’s most prized assets and while much of the City Region Deal focuses on developing the area for the future, £15million of investment has also been pledged to the region’s unique tourism officer. Investment in this sector is one of the key strands of the City Deal and the creation of a Scottish Tartan Centre – the first for the country – is the jewel in the crown.

Up to £10million will be provided by the UK Government to support the development of this centre in Stirling to provide a must-see destination for visitors and locals alike, building on the unique heritage sites already available in the area.

Skills and Inclusion

Future proofing Stirling’s work force is also one of the main goals of the investment provided by the City Region Deal and this includes £1.9million pledged towards the funding of a Regional Skills and Inclusion Programme aimed at addressing inequality. The focus will fall on the digital, energy, tourism and construction sectors, while an Inclusion Workers & Investment Fund will offer intensive support to targeted individuals and families on a long term, holistic basis to help them develop wider skills for life and move into economic participation.

Projects to develop infrastructure, transport and connectivity are also included in the official Heads of Terms document