Conference - terms and conditions

  1. Applications for the hire of let of premises must be made on the official booking form provided by the Council at least fourteen days before the date of the proposed let.
  2. The lessees shall on no account sub-let any part of the premises let to them or alter the purpose for which they were let.
  3. Access to any part of the premises may be restricted at the discretion of the Head of Assets and Support or his nominated representative.
  4. The organisers of any function must ensure that they are aware of the first position of fire points, emergency exit doors, lighting switches, first aid supplies and the nearest telephone. The facilities staff will be available to advise on all these points.
  5. Lessees must take all reasonable care to prevent fire, and all approaches, staircases and passages must be kept entirely free from obstruction or from people standing therein or thereon.
  6. No smoking is permitted in any of the premises. Lessees must ensure that this condition is complied with and shall be responsible for any breach thereof.
  7. No intoxicating liquor must be taken into the premises, and there should be no application for a Special License to sell or dispense excisable liquor in the premises.
  8. No person obviously intoxicated or under the influence of drugs shall be admitted to the premises.
  9. Lessees will be held responsible for any damage to the fabric of the building, it's furnishings or its equipment caused as a consequence of the Lessee's use of the premises.
  10. The Council will not be held liable for any accident to any person or loss of any property by any person or organisation during or in connection with any meeting or function.
  11. No furnishings and/or equipment must be moved within the premises without prior agreement.
  12. All fittings, decorations or structures provided by the Lessees shall be subject to the approval of facilities staff and shall be removed by the Lessees immediately after the termination of the let without injury or damage to any Council property. Failing such immediate removal of the fittings, decoration or structures the Council shall have the power to remove the same at the expense of the Lessees, who may also be charged such additional rent as the Council may decide.
  13. Authorised officers of the Council shall be entitled to free access to the premises at any time on official business.
  14. Lessees who provide musical entertainment by any means must themselves obtain and pay for any necessary Licenses from the Performing Rights Society Limited or similar body.
  15. Cancellations- 48 hours notice must be given of any cancellation, failing which the applicant will be liable to meet the full cost of the booking.
  16. There is reserved to the Council, at any time and without reason given, the right to cancel any let. The Council shall refund any charges paid in advance for any let cancelled after due notice, or else terminated by the Council, unless the cost of any damage to the premises let and/or equipment belonging to the Council remains unpaid, when such sums held by the Council, or part, may be applied towards the cost of such damage.
  17. The decision of facilities staff as Council representative(s) is final in all matters concerning the use of the facility and his/her authority must be recognised at all times by Lessees who must respond immediately to any caretaker instruction.
  18. The Council reserve the right to add or amend these regulations and conditions as they deem necessary, in the interest of the public and the condition of the property.