Supplementary Guidance

SG01: Placemaking.
SG02: Green Network.
SG03: Green Belts.

SG04: Affordable Housing.

Updated Lower Quartile and Median of House Price Information, Dec. 2016.

SG05: Houses in Multiple Occupation.
SG06: Health Care Facilities.
SG07: Conservation Area Character Appraisals/Statements.
SG09: Network of Centres.
SG10: Housing in the Countryside: with Design Guide.
SG11: New uses for Redundant Rural Buildings.
SG12: Residential Alterations and Extensions.
SG13: Advertisements.
SG14: Ensuring a Choice of Access for New Developments.
SG15: Education Provision.
SG16: Developer Contributions.
SG17: Low and Zero Carbon Buildings.
SG18: Planning and Flood Risk Management.

SG19: Waste Management*: Requirements for Development Sites (see below).

[* Waste Services has undergone a major transformation and this document will be renewed in early 2017. In the meantime, developers should contact George Sommerville, Waste Operations Manager on (01786) 237529 for up to date requirements for new developments].
SG20: Historic Environment: Energy efficiency and micro-renewables.
SG21: Historic Building Recording.
SG22: Shopfronts.
SG23: Introduction to Archaeology in Stirling.
SG24: An Introduction to Battlefields and Planning in Stirling.
SG25: Boundaries and Hardstandings (Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings).
SG26: Biodiversity Conservation.
SG27: Protecting Special Landscapes.
SG28: Landscape Character Assessments.
SG29: Landscape and Planting Requirements in New Developments.
SG30: Forestry and Woodland Strategy.
SG31: Trees and New Development.
SG32: Trees and the Law.
SG33: Wind Energy Developments
SG34: The Water Environment.
SG35: Chalet Developments.
SG36: Small Settlements.
Blairhoyle Small Settlement Proposal, May 2015.

SG37: Historic Environment: Windows and Doors.

Non-Statutory Supplementary Guidance

SG08A - Stirling's Major Growth Area - Durieshill 
SG08B - City Centre Development Framework 
SG08 - Argyll Centre Planning Brief 
SG08 - Rainbow Slides Planning Brief 
SG08 - Burghmuir Planning Brief 
SG08 - Randolph Road Planning Brief
SG08 - Stirling Ice Rink Planning Brief
SG08 - South Stirling Gateway Masterplan     Part 1     Part 2 
SG08 - Kildean Development Framework 
SG08 - Forthside Masterplan     Part 1     Part 2 
SG08 - Raploch Design Guide     Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6  
SG08 - Cornton Development Framework     Part 1     Part 2     Part 3 
SG08 - Cultenhove Development Framework     Part 1     Part 2 
SG08 - Viewforth Masterplan