Main Issues Report Consultation

The Main Issues Report (MIR) Consultation has now concluded. Thank you to all individuals and organisations who have submitted comments. These will be taken into account in the preparation of the next stage of the Local Development Plan, known as the Proposed Plan.

It is anticipated that a finalised version of the Proposed Plan will be presented to a meeting of Stirling Council on 30th June 2016. If the Council agrees to publish the plan a further round of public consultation will commence in July 2016, and provide a further opportunity to submit representations. Unresolved issues that remain will then be submitted for Examination by a Reporter appointed by Scottish Ministers.

All those who submitted comments will be contacted again and advised of the commencement of the further consultation and the opportunity to submit representations. Advance notice of the commencement of the public consultation will also be provided via the Council's website, a notice in the Stirling Observer, neighbour notification and direct consultation with a range of key agencies and other private and public organisations including Community Councils.

In the meantime if you have any queries about anything relating to this letter or any other aspects of the Local Development Plan Review, please get in touch with the Planning and Policy Team on (01786) 233660, or e-mail Further information is also available on the Council's website at Please also refer to the Local Development Plan Scheme for the full programme for the Local Development Plan Review.

Stirling Council has published a Main Issues Report, the first formal stage in preparing a new Local Development Plan.

To comply with the latest Scottish Government advice there is a need to identify more sites for housing development. This requires the normal five year timescale to review development plans to be brought forward.

For the purposes of public consultation 18 proposed new sites, making up three options of between 488 - 788 homes, have been identified within the core area of Stirling, Dunblane, Bridge of Allan and the Eastern Villages, plus sites in Kippen and Strathblane. These sites have been identified following a site assessment process that considered over 60 sites. The largest site is at Airthrey Kerse, between Stirling and Bridge of Allan, for 300 homes. A site is also identified to the south of Dunblane for 100 homes.

The Council is also required to include a 'spatial framework' for wind energy developments within the Local Development Plan. Other minor changes reflect updated Scottish Government Guidance, including defining an 'accessible and pressured area' for new housing in the countryside.

Because the Local Development Plan was adopted so recently, many parts do not need to change. The existing Vision and Spatial Strategy, which set the principles for new development and where it should be located; most of the sites proposed for housing, business and retail use; and most of the policies and guidance will remain the same.

The Main Issues Report has also been the subject of a Strategic Environmental Assessment, the findings of which are set out in an Environmental Report.

The documents can be viewed/downloaded below:

Main Issues Report.

Main Issues Report - Appendix A: Site Assessment (by settlement).

AshfieldBalfronBridge of Allan
KippenManor PowisPlean
Rural Sites * Stirling North ** Stirling Central ***
Stirling South ****StrathblaneThornhill

* East of Carbeth Inn; Blanefield; Hill O'Drip Farm, Stirling; former Mink Farm, Stirling; Mugdock North, Blanefield and Mugdock South, Blanefield.

** Airthrey Kerse; North of Easter Cornton Road; Wester Cornton; former Kildean Auction Market; South Kildean and former Raploch Local Office.

*** Broadleys Farm; Torbrex, Springwood Avenue; Riverside Pool; Argyll Centre and former MFI Site.

**** Bannockburn.

Main Issues Report - Appendix B: Review of Scottish Planning Policy.

Additional Information: SEA Environmental Report.

Background Reports:

Other Topic Papers:

The Council worked with PAS (formerly Planning Aid Scotland) to assist in the design and delivery of consultation events at Wallace High School and in Dunblane. The following report provides details of these community drop-in events and high school workshops in both Bridge of Allan and Dunblane as well as a summary of their respective responses: Main Issues Report Consultation Engagement summary report (PAS - February 2016).

If you have any queries relating to the Main Issues Report consultation contact the Planning & Policy Team on (01786) 233660, or e-mail