Street trading licence

To operate as a street trader you may need a licence from the local authority.

A street trading licence is not required for:

  • the sale of newspapers only
  • the sale of milk by or on behalf of a person registered under the Food Safety Act 1990
  • the sale of coal or fuel derived from coal or coke
  • any activity for which a certificate under the peddler's Act 1871 has been granted
  • any activity for which a more specific licence is required
  • organising or participating in a public charitable collection, which has been granted permission under subsection (16) of section 119 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982

Applicants wishing to sell food from their vehicle/stall need to have it inspected to ensure compliance with food hygiene regulations.  A licence can not be granted without a valid Food Safety Certificate of Compliance.

Where you intend to act as a street trader from a fixed location (static), please ensure that you have written permission to use the land. It is also suggested that an approach be made to the planning department to seek advice as to whether planning permission would be required. In addition, Stirling Council's Roads Department should be contacted regarding road matters. 

Street trading will not normally be permitted in the following areas of Stirling Town Centre - King Street, Port Street, Barnton Street, Friars Street, Murray Place, Maxwell Place and Station Road.

Street traders shall not be permitted except in exceptional cases to sell, offer for sale, loan or exchange hot food intended for human consumption at the time of sale or shortly there after nor any items of confectionary, crisps, carbonated drinks or any other similar foodstuffs or drinks which in the opinion of an authorised officer of Stirling Council would not be in the best nutritional interests of school children, within 800 metres of any school located within the area of Stirling Council between 8:00am and 5:00pm on any school day. 

Please note that a street trader's licence is granted to an individual. If more than 1 person is proposing to sell/trade on the unit/stall etc, each individual will require a licence in their own right. 

Conditions will be attached to the licence once granted.