Safety Warning Over Liquitabs

A warning is being issued to everyone who uses liquitabs, or other sachets or tablets, for washing machines or dishwashers to be particularly vigilant if young children are in their home.  

The number of accidents involving these products is rising and most of them involve children under five.

Children who have been hospitalised as a result of biting into the colourful liquitabs have had varying injuries including severe breathing difficulties, requiring a ventilator, and burned airways.

Manufacturers have now agreed to change the packaging for these products and make warnings more prominent. But in the meantime parents, carers and anyone who has children in their home are being reminded of how dangerous these items can be and are advised to store them securely out of reach of children.

Councillor Donald Balsillie, Enterprise and Environment Convenor, Clackmannanshire Council, said:"Parents are well aware of the dangers of leaving a small child unattended in the home and especially in the kitchen. I would encourage parents to take onboard the advice of Stirling & Clackmannanshire Councils' Trading Standards Service and lock chemicals, including liquitabs, away from the reach of children."

A recent survey by the UK's National Poisons Information Service revealed that there had been 1,486 cases involving liquitab capsules between May 2009 and July 2012.