Big Noise Orchestra -Raploch

Raploch is the home of the first Big Noise Orchestra Big Noise

Big Noise, the first orchestra of its kind in the UK. Big Noise in Raploch operates from the Community Campus on Drip Road with children from the nursery, Our Lady’s Primary, Raploch Primary, Castleview Primary, Wallace High and St Modan’s High.

For more information about our in-school curriculum, click here. The orchestra is also open to Raploch children who attend school elsewhere.

For more information contact or telephone: 01786 445707. 

In the summer of 2008 the charity Sistema Scotland established its Big Noise orchestra in Raploch, Stirling. Big Noise is an orchestra programme that aims to transform children’s lives through music.  The programme uses music-making to foster confidence, teamwork, pride and aspiration in the children taking part – and across their wider community  

Delivered in Partnership with Stirling Council

Stirling Council Leader, Johanna Boyd, said: "The Council has been a key supporter of Big Noise Raploch since its launch in 2008 and has responsibility for 50% of the costs of the delivery in Raploch. In addition, the programme is delivered in the Raploch Community Campus, and supported by our local primary schools.

"The most obvious triumphs of Big Noise Raploch are musical but we must always remember that the real impact is behind the music. These young people are learning confidence and resilience that will equip them to succeed across all areas of their lives."

After School Club

Big Noise runs four days  a week during holidays and three afternoons a week during school term. The most musically advanced come in for four afternoons.  

Holiday Club

During the school holiday's we extend the after school programme to four half days a week. This allows individual children the chance to develop skills, and work towards smaller concerts for family and friends to see the development.

Take a Musician home for tea

As well as the holiday club, we also offer children the ability to book visits we call “Take a Musician Home for Tea.” In these musical house parties the children and teachers perform, often not just to the family but all the neighbours too.

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