Entertaining in Public

Street performing (busking) is a time honoured art form that adds to the colour and attractiveness of the City of Stirling.  It can help to create an enhanced atmosphere and provide pleasure to many people, both local and visitors to Stirling.  However performers must be sensitive to other City Centre users and follow good practice.

Good Practice

  • Busking is only permitted between the hours of 9am until 9pm.
  • Please be considerate of local businesses and homes and move onto another pitch at least 50 metres away after 1 hour.  Not everybody’s taste in music is the same and most people do not want to hear the same style of music at the same place all day every day.
  • Amplified music must not be at a level that interferes with the ability of office or shop workers to conduct their business.
  • Please do not set up within 50 metres of another busker.
  • Sale of merchandise is not allowed, unless you hold a current street traders licence from Stirling Council.
  • Please don’t obstruct the pavements or spread out your equipment.
  • If you are asked by Police Scotland to stop performing you must stop immediately and move on.  If you don’t, you could be charged and your equipment seized
  • Be aware that certain areas require silence like emergency contact centres, around churches, cemeteries and transport terminals where announcements need to be heard.  Such areas are not suitable for busking

Under Section 54 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, Police Scotland can ask buskers to stop performing where their performance is disturbing others.

The permitted levels are:

  • 7am – 7pm – 41dB
  • 7pm – 11pm – 37dB
  • 11pm – 7am – 31dB

If you do not comply the Police have the power to seize your equipment and the matter may be referred to the Procurator Fiscal

Download the Street Performers Guide to Good Practice