Community grants



We offer grant support to a variety of voluntary organisations every year. This is intended to assist local initiatives, encourage environmental improvement and promote community activities. 

Funding Unit

The Council's Funding Unit is committed to improving access to funding for smaller community and voluntary organisations. Our aims are to:

  • Provide direct funding development support to the Voluntary and Community Sector

  • Administer and manage specific council funds 

  • Provide funding advice and support to Stirling Council staff who work with community and voluntary groups


Who we support

We offer support in developing the skills, knowledge and capacity of local voluntary and community organisations, in relation to funding.

Services we provide

As well as providing free advice, information and training, about fundraising, staff can help community and voluntary organisations that most need support, in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing advice and information on funding and funding sources
  • Outreach and one to one group support
  • Delivering training sessions and workshops on funding and related issues
  • Running locally based funding surgeries and organising funding seminars and events

We don’t do the fundraising for you, but can assist your organisation to develop your skills and confidence and provide information that will help you to do it.



Funding Unit
Community Engagement Team
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