Community Council Review

Review of Community Councils

The last review of Community Council governance was 2009 and since then significant changes at a national level have emerged, for example the Local Government Boundary Commission’s review of electoral wards and the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. Together these mean there is a need to formally review the Community Councils Scheme of Establishment and supporting documents. This is a good opportunity to support the Council's new place based approach to communities and to strengthen all Community Council's ability to represent their community. 

The areas which are being considered as part of the first consultation phase would cover:-

  • Community Council boundaries;
  • representation, including seeking ways to involve a wider age demographic;
  • improving communication between Community Councils and other community groups and organisations;
  • strengthening the Code of Conduct;
  • how any complaints about Community Councils are best addressed; and
  • resources and support to Community Councils. 

A Special Meeting of the Council held on 28 September 2017, agreed to a public consultation exercise to take this forward.

An online survey and engagement event took place to identify themes and ideas for further investigation and exploration in the second phase of the review.

Survey Report

Community Conversation Report 

Suggestions from the consultation will be used to consider amendments to the Community Council governing documents.  Draft amendments will be presented to a Special Council meeting in March, following this there will be a further 8 week consultation on the draft amended scheme during March and April. 

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