Community Care Grants

Community Care Grants can be paid to help you to leave care and live independently, or to continue living independently, preventing the need for institutional care.

They do not need to be paid back. 

How to apply

Call us on 01786 233210 or apply online complete and return a Scottish Welfare Fund application.

How do I qualify for a Community Care Grant?

Community Care Grants can only be paid in the following circumstances:  

To help people establish themselves in the community following a period of care.

To help people remain in the community rather than going into care.

To help people who are taking part in a Resettlement Programme set up home in the community after an unsettled way of life .

To help people care for a prisoner/young offender on release/temporary licence.

To help families facing exceptional pressure.  You can be classed as having a family even if you do not have any children as long as you are expecting a baby and you have reached at least 24 weeks into your pregnancy.

 What can I apply for?

Applications can be made for essential items such as:

  •  household goods
  •  travel costs
  •  removal expenses
  •  storage charges
  •  connection charges for gas and electricity.

What about savings?

A Community Care Grant will not be awarded if you, or your partner, have savings over £700 (£1,200 if above State Pension Credit age).

What happens if I do not qualify for a grant or my application is refused?

There is a list of items which are excluded from the Scottish Welfare Fund giving details of alternative support that may be available to you.

There may also be other sources of support that you could get.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your application, you cannot appeal but you can ask for the decision to be looked at again. This is called a First Tier Review. You need to apply in writing for a review within 20 days of the decision. This time limit can be extended if it is accepted that you have good reasons for not applying on time.

(For applications made up to and including 31st March 2016) If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the First Tier Review, you can ask for a Second Tier Review.  Second Tier Reviews are carried out by a panel of individuals who are not involved with the decision making team. The panel will ensure that correct, reasonable and fair decisions are being made and the guidance for the fund is being followed.  The maximum time for dealing with Second Tier Reviews is 5 working days for Crisis Grants and 30 working days for Community Care Grants. 

(For applications made after 1st April 2016) If you are unhappy with our decision, you have the right to ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) for an independent review.  The SPSO are not part of the council.
You should ask the SPSO for an independent review within one month of receiving our decision. In some circumstances you may be able to ask for a review after this.  You should contact the SPSO for advice.

You can ask the SPSO for an independent review over the phone or in writing. If you prefer, they will send you a form in the post, or you can print it off their website or fill it in online.   

How to contact the SPSO:

  • By phone on 0800 014 7299. Calls are free to this number, even from mobiles.
  • Write to this address: FREEPOSTSPSO. You don’t need to use a stamp.
  • Website:

The SPSO can give you information in other languages or formats (such as large print, SMS, audio or Braille). In some cases, the SPSO may be able to meet you in person.

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