Adult Support and Protection

If you or an adult you know is being harmed, someone should know:

Immediate risk of harm:

Police (urgent) 999

Concerned about an adult who is not in immediate risk of harm:

Police (non-urgent) 101
Social Services (during office hours) 01786 233759
Health Discuss with your General Practitioner or local Health Centre

Defining harm

Adult Support and Protection leaflet Anyone could potentially cause harm.  It might be someone you know such as family, friends, staff, volunteers, other Service Users or members of the public.  Adults may be at greater risk due to a disability, illness or health condition.

People may be at risk of various types of harm:


Unexplained injuries, a sudden increase in confusion, unexplained deterioration of health or appearance, misuse of medication (not taking medicine as prescribed).


Delaying or withholding the provision of food, heating or medical care.


Fear of another person, being anxious or afraid, hostile or unkind behaviour of a person.


Unexplained debt, withholding money or belongings, not paying bills for services, someone else using another person's personal possessions such as a bank account, property or belongings without their informed consent.


Any sexual activity that is not consensual or involving someone who isn't in a position to consent.

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Adult Support and Protection
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During office hours 01786 233759
At weekends, public holidays and outwith office hours 01786 470500