Short term assessment facilities

Short Stay Assessment leafletHave you recently:

  • Had a fall
  • Had a period of ill health
  • Been in hospital
  • Been unable to manage without support at home?

If so, you may wish to request a stay in one of our short stay assessment facilities.
We can reduce the length of time spent in hospital, providing the time and space for you to consider options regarding your future care and support needs.

Short stay assessment

Our facilities are designed to meet your needs within a homely environment. 

Find out more our facilities at:

Throughout your stay (up to 6-8 weeks), our team of rehab support workers and NHS Forth Valley rehab therapists work closely with you.  We continually assess your abilities and level of independence, encouraging and supporting you to re-learn the skills you need to be as independent as possible. 

During your stay we can support you to consider decisions about your future.  You are welcome to involve family or friends in this process.  We will liaise, where appropriate, with Social Services to progress your decisions and formalise outcomes.

Outcomes may include:

  • returning home without a support package
  • returning home with a support package
  • moving home to more suitable accommodation
  • moving to long-term care

After your stay, we continue to support you to maintain your independence and enabling you to engage in your local community.

Accessing short-term assessment facilities

A referral is required to access facilities.  Referrals can be made by a health professional or through our Social Services team.

To request a referral, you can write to us:

Social Services
Municipal Buildings
8-10 Corn Exchange Road

or telephone us: 01786 471177

Contributing to your care

Short-term assessment facilities are free of charge for all people over the age of 65.  However, if it has been assessed that you require long term care at a care home, there will be a charge for our continued care whilst suitable long term care accommodation is arranged.

For further information regarding potential charges, please see contributing to your care.

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