Mobile Emergency Care Service enables vulnerable people the ability to summon help and assistance by pressing a button which can be worn around their neck, wrist or clipped onto clothing.

We continue to provide MECS along with an extensive range of other technology - all of which is referred to as Telecare.  View our introductory Telecare brochure.

Request Telecare

We can provide assessments to tailor your Telecare services to suit your needs.  There is a small weekly charge for Telecare services.  We ask that you nominate two local volunteer responders, such as relatives, friends or neighbours.  If you do not have two responders, we will discuss other options.

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How to:

Keep us informed

You can contact us by either pressing your pendant and speaking to one of our advisors or calling us on 01786 404040.

We want to be informed if you are:

  • updating your information - let us know if you, or someone close to you, changed name, address or phone number.
  • going away - you should tell us if you are going away for more than 24 hours.
  • reporting lost or damaged equipment - we will arrange a replacement.
  • cancelling your Telecare service.

Test your pendant

Press your pendant at least once a month to test your equipment works.  On pressing your pendant, our advisors will speak to you - please tell them you are testing your pendant.

Your stories

Telecare - Lauren's story Read individual stories on how Telecare technologies have improved the quality of life for both individuals and their families.

Other services


Our partners at NHS Forth Valley can provide assistive technologies for people with:

  • long-term health conditions
  • more complex disabilities
  • cognitive problems

Telephone fault repair scheme

Your telephone service provider can provide a priority fault repair scheme for people with a disability, housebound or at risk without Telecare.  This scheme obliges providers to offer a free service to ensure priority assistance in the event of a faulty phone line.

Bogus caller scheme

We work with Police Scotland to support vulnerable people at risk of being targeted by bogus callers to stay safe within their own homes.

Fire Safety videoFire Safety

The Scottish Fire and Rescue service are committed to making Scotland safer.  Find out more about fire safety or apply for a free home fire safety visit.

Home in on safety

Police Scotland have produced an interactive website called Home in on safety to find out more about safety around your home.

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