Add your event to the What's On - Calendar

EventsHow to add an event  

  1. Register for a myStirling account and activate this with the email returned to you. Register here 
  2. Let the Stirling Council Webteam know you have registered and tell them you wish to add events by emailing us  
  3. We will then activate you with admin access enabling you to add your own events 
  4. Then you can sign in to myStirling with your email and password
  5. Under the services heading choose Events 
  6. Under the title on this page choose add an event

When adding your event

You will need to enter the following details.

  • a location
  • a time - start and finish
  • a category from the drop down list ie music & concerts, courses& classes, general families, courses and classes etc …
  • an image for your event

If your event location is already in our database it will be in the dropdown proided and automatically will add a map to your event, if its not there you can email us and ask us to add a new location by providing us with a postcode and name for the property or area.

Description of the event

Fill in the description with as much information as possiblie ie ticketprices, weblinks email addresses etc… 

Please note to make a link or email active you have to highlight the text and choose the little link icon where you will be prompted to paste in the url or the email address. 

Eye-catching Images and documents (pdf's)girls

You will need to upload an image with your event.

This is nice addition to an event and more people are likely to click on an event in Facebook or Twitter if it has an image attached.  

When you event is added it will be added to our website under the

  • What's On section in your chosen category,
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Your event will be emailed out to our registered myStirling users who have signed up for events (this can be done under Account – edit your details)

This is a great marketing opportunity to get your event out to the public using web and social media. 

Please note: if you have any problems with your event or need further help please contact us.