Safer Communities forum

The Safer Communities Forum is a multi-agency problem solving group.  We meet monthly to share intelligence-led information and discuss current complex cases of anti-social behaviour.  These cases tend to be the most difficult and tend to have more complex issues to resolve. The forum confidentially discusses individuals and groups who are causing alarm and distress within their communities. The joint actions for tackling such behaviour are agreed and progressed, monitored and evaluated via this forum. The group work in partnership to resolve antisocial behaviour issues. 

Who to contact:

Safer Communities Team   01786 233533  or  01786 404040 or email
Housing  01786 404040
Central Scotland Police  01786 456000 
Out of Hours Noise Team  01786 404040
Victim Support  0800 389 7851
Stirling Women’s Aid  01786 470897
Fire & Rescue  999 
Paragon Housing  01324 664966 
Castle Rock  01506 436530
Rural Housing 01786 841101

Reporting anti-social behaviour

Please use our Contact us (select Anti-Social Behaviour & Noise on the drop-down) form to tell us about the complaint you are making. Without your details we will not be able to contact you should further information be required in regards to your complaint. Without your contact information we will be unable to inform you of the outcome of our investigations, so please be as detailed as possible about who you are and who the alleged complaint is against. You can also inform us if you wish to remain anonymous.

Council tenants

If you have issues of Antisocial Behaviour and are a Council Tenant please contact your Housing officer in the first instance.

Contact Housing Services on 01786 404040

Noise Nuisance

Stirling and Clackmannanshire Council have jointly set up an 'Out of Hours Noise Team' which will operate between 20:00 and 03:00 Thursday-Saturday evenings.

Non compliance

  • Where people refuse to comply with requests to keep the noise down, Fixed Penalty notices of £100 can be issued.
  • Further non-compliance can lead to confiscation of equipment and fines of up to £1000.

Reporting domestic noise

To report Domestic Noise in Stirling or Clackmannanshire please contact the Out of Hours Noise Team on: 01786 404040

Registration of Private Landlords Team

The Antisocial Behaviour etc (Scotland) Act 2004) requires private landlords to register with their Local Authority.

From 30 April 2006 all private landlords letting properties in Scotland must have applied to their Local Authority for registration on the Register of Landlords.

The aim of landlord registration is to ensure that all private landlords in Scotland are “fit and proper” to be letting residential property.  The requirement will help Local Authorities to remove disreputable landlords from the market and protect tenants and their neighbours from the impact of antisocial behaviour and mismanaged property on the wider community.

By January 2007, 1471 Landlords had applied to register 2286 properties in the Stirling Council area.

If you are a private landlord you can register at Landlord Registration Scotland

To enquire about Private Landlord Registration please call Stirling Council on 01786 404040