Sports/Fitness Funding

What we are trying to achieve.

As part of its continuing effort to improve the health and wellbeing of coalfields residents, The Coalfields Regeneration Trust is looking to develop ideas that will increase levels of physical activity in the community. The Challenge will give small constituted sports or other groups in eligible coalfield areas the opportunity to fund projects which aim to increase participation in sports or other physical activities.

What we are looking for.

Ideas which will improve the level of participation in physical activities. This could be achieved for example through any of the following, though any means of improving numbers of participants will be considered:

  • Removing barriers to participation
  • Developing a clubs current offering through provision of new opportunities
  • Engaging with currently inactive members of the community
  • Improving community presence
  • Where possible, address an action or priority within a relevant community action plan

How to take part.

Eligible organisations are invited to submit their idea through an application form to be submitted by 6 November 2015. Eligible applications will be considered by an assessment panel and those shortlisted will be invited to present their ideas in the form of a five minute pitch to a team of ‘Dragons’ in January 2016, competing for a share of £10,000, and in-kind and business development support. The Dragons will consider each project on its merits, successful projects will be notified on the day, awards will be made at the Dragons’ discretion.


The Coalfields Community Challenge is open to small constituted (not for profit or charity) groups, operating within eligible coalfield areas who would like to fund a project which will encourage more people to take part in physical activities in their area. In order to apply your organisation must:

  • Have an unrestricted income of less than £25kpa
  • Have a bank account and be able to supply an original bank statement not more than three months old
  • Have accounts or a cash flow projection
  • Provide quotes for items exceeding £500

Note that while having been awarded funds from Coalfields Regeneration Trust in the past will not exclude entry, priority will be given to applicants we have not previously funded.


Applications will not be considered if:

  • They do not meet our charitable objectives
  • The beneficiaries are located outside our recognised coalfield communities
  • The activity is statutory responsibility, or a replacement for statutory provision
  • It will result in benefit for individuals
  • Applications to fund core activities or day to day running cost of existing projects

Find out more.

To check your eligibility or find out more contact Martin Bell or David Wright on 01259 272127.


Application Form