Disabled people - independence at home

Care at home

Find out about a range of at home support services, from emergency support to ongoing care support.

Equipment and adaptations to the home

If you, or someone living with you, are frail, disabled or have an injury, you may feel your home is not be suitable for your needs.  Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for some daily living equipment or adaptations to make your home easier for you or people who live with you.


Telecare is provided to enable vulnerable people and their carers to call for assistance within their own home, at any time, day or night.   We can also offer enhanced support through a range of equipment, sensors and detectors to provide continuous monitoring and support.

Short break opportunities

Find out about a range of opportunities to enable carers to take a short break from their caring responsibilities.

Wheelchair, scooter and ramp information

If you have a disability, you may wish to have, or be in possession of, a wheelchair or scooter.  Find out about how to request a personal mobility vehicle, how to request an adaptation to your home to access your property, and advice about how to request servicing of your personal mobility vehicle.  

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists support people with illness or disability to work towards finding the best way to help them to do as much as possible for themselves.