Community learning and development

Community Learning and Development (CLD) supports local people to identify community issues.  By becoming organised to take action collectively and getting their voices heard, communities increase their level of participation, power & democracy. 

Community Development looks to:

  • Bring people together
  • Help people to identify communities' needs and assets
  • Help people to discover the resources that they already have
  • Promote knowledge, skills, confidence and the capacity to act together
  • Strengthen organisation and leadership within communities
  • Strengthen contacts between communities  

Collective action gives a stronger voice to help influence policy making and by working together the community can:

  • Take action to address inequalities in power and participation
  • Deal directly with issues they think are important
  • Change the relationships between communities and public or private organisations 

Within Stirling Council the Communities Team offer this type of support to communities.

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Education Scotland;

CLD Standards Council for Scotland;

Community Development Alliance Scotland (CDAS)




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