Community Engagement Team



The Team provide community development support to communities and community organisations across the Stirling Council area as well other responsibilities. Our specialist Funding Officer manages a range of grants on behalf of Stirling Council, and the Team supports local community planning and all area community planning forums. 

We can provide a wide range of support on governance (starting a group or activity), engagement (involving people), training (skills and knowledge), funding (grants and advice), project development (developing local plans and projects) and partnership working (being involved and influencing decisions).

The Team have produced two booklets illustrating and celebrating the range and diversity of activities we are involved in throughout the area - Building Stronger Communities and Building Stronger Communities II

Review of Strategic Engagement

The Team have just completed a Review of Strategic Engagement (Community Councils and Area Community Planning Forums) which involved a significant amount of information being gathered and recommendations made. 

Planning and Regeneration Committee - Committee Report

Review of Strategic Engagement Report

Report Appendices

News Sheet

The Team provide a monthly News Sheet for organisations on the latest news and issues for communities in the area. If you would like to be included in the mailing list of the News Sheet, email us. 

For older issues, please email

Contact us

To contact the Team call 01786 233076 or email.