The Cemeteries Service understands that in suffering bereavement you may be facing decisions you have never had to make before.

We understand how important it is to you that the service we provide meets your wishes exactly and how you need clear information to help you at this difficult time. This page gives you a brief overview of the services we provide along with more general advice we hope will be helpful.

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Registering a death

What to do after a death in Scotland - information leaflet

Useful advice note produced by the Scottish Government. (also available from Stirling Council’s Cemeteries Office) 

Cemeteries Management

Lair or Grave Areas

Full Lairs- A standard full coffin lair will measure 3m in length by 1m in width and where ground conditions allow will be sold for up to four full coffin burials and in addition up to four caskets of cremated remains.
Cremated Remains Lairs- A standard cremated remains lair will measure 1m in length by 1m in width and will be sold for up to six interments of cremated remains.

Stillborn Babies and Non Viable Foetus Lairs- Individual lairs for the burial of stillborn babies and non-viable foetuses are available free of charge at both St Thomas and Bannockburn Cemeteries. This service is provided in conjunction with Stirling Royal Infirmary Maternity Unit.
Telephone: 01786 434000

Local Cemeteries

Our local cemeteries can be view on our Nearest Map (under the Environmental section)


Due to the rural nature of the Stirling Council area our cemeteries and churchyards provide ideal habitats for a great number and range of plants and animals. Whilst birds, insects and wild flowers may enhance the overall reverence of these environments, the burrowing activities of moles, and grazing of voles, rabbits and deer can be upsetting to some people.

We do try very hard indeed to restrict these animals from entering our cemeteries and churchyards, and where flowers are placed following funerals we also try to protect these separately from grazing using temporary fencing. It is however impossible to completely stop the natural grazing activities of these animals.
We offer this information so that people can make an informed decision about the placement of floral tributes.

National Association of Memorial Masons
Tel 01786 542264

Removal of wreaths

Wreaths and floral tributes will be uplifted two to three weeks after the interment date. 

Should anyone wish to keep any of these items they should be removed by the lairholder/applicant within 14 days notifying the Cemeteries Office of this action.

For more information contact the Cemeteries Service

Telephone: 01786 404040

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