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Funerals Provided by the Local Council

Where a person dies leaving no estate, next of kin or named executor then Stirling Council will arrange for the burial of that person within a standard lair.  

Please note: No memorial will be placed upon the lair.


Cemeteries Service Charges 2017 - 2018

Standard Interment Fee (16 Years and Over)


Interment Saturday am


Interment Saturday pm


Interment (Public Holiday)


Standard Interment of Cremated Remains


Interment of Cremated Remains am (Saturday)


Interment of Cremated Remains pm (Saturday)


Interment of Cremated Remains (Public Holiday)£328.00
Interment Fee NVF, Stillborn Babies & Ages 0-15 years inclusive

No Charge

Lair Purchase Charge -(Including Foundation Installation & Certificate Fee)


Lair Purchase Charge - Cremated Remains Only (Incl. Certificate & Foundation)


Lair Charge - Woodland Burial


Woodland Memorial Plaques£14.00
Woodland Memorial Plaques with Photograph£15.00
1 Columbarium Niche - 10 Years Lease£302.00
1 Columbarium Niche - 20 Years Lease£431.00
2 Columbarium Niche - 10 Years Lease£599.00
2 Columbarium Niche - 20 Years Lease£859.00
Columbarium Plaque£50.00
Lair Certificate


Transfer Certificate


Duplicate Certificate


Feasibility Certificate


Installation of Memorial Foundation


Memorial Mason Registration Scheme£48.20
Memorial Permits (all)£14.00
Genealogical Search (per ½ hour)£15.00
Children's Memorial Plaques£100.00
Exhumation Order

Actual Cost


* Lair charge - £474.00

**Cremated remains Lair Charge - £407.00

*** Includes cost for tree planting and certificate fee

Prices effective from 1st  April, 2017