City Deal Masterplan

Stirling City Development Framework Draft City Deal Masterplan:

The Stirling City Development Framework set a vision for Stirling that aimed to make the City comparable with global players known for their innovation, social values and economic prosperity.  Development of the Framework was in response to economic analysis that indicated Stirling must make better use of its central location, natural and built assets and human talent to stimulate sustained growth.  The Framework attempted to build Stirling’s global competitive advantage and reputation as an international destination of choice by establishing itself as a cultural and economic powerhouse that attracts and retains high value jobs matched with a commitment to equalities and social justice.  The Masterplan outlines six signature capital projects and enabling infrastructure to assist delivery of the Framework vision.

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Strategic Environmental Assessment:

As part of the preparation of the Stirling City Development Framework City Deal Masterplan 2016-26, Stirling Council has carried out a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).  This is a systematic method for considering the likely environmental effects of certain plans, policies, programmes and strategies and aims to make sure the environment is given the same level of consideration as social and economic factors within the Plan to which it refers.

The legislation requires the Council to consult with members of the public affected by, likely to be affected by, or having an interest in the proposed plan, policy or programme and this is done by preparing an Environmental Report which sets out the likely significant effects on the environment of implementing the draft plan.

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