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Stirling’s Local Transport Strategy (LTS) 2017 -2027

We are updating our  Local Transport Strategy (LTS) and have produced a consultation document setting out the key issues shaping a second Local Transport Strategy (LTS2).  We are seeking your views on:

  • the key transport issues that affect you
  • the priorities and key themes for the strategy
  • the measures to deliver these themes
Kids Cycling Proficiency
It sets out what we will seek to do to to ensure our transport networks support our growth as included in the Council’s Local Development Plan and the City Development Framework, whilst also enabling everyone in the community to travel safely, sustainably and with minimum delay.   Stirling Station Gateway

The consultation document has been the subject of a Strategic Environmental Assessment.

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Consultation Information:

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Issues, constraints & opportunities

Overarching Strategy

Rural Area

Rural Area Map

City Area

City Area Map

Accommodating Growth

Viewforth Link Road

Kildean Link Road

M9/A811 Junction

Rail and Park & Ride

Walking and Cycling (Active Travel)


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Development Planning & Management:Transport Appraisal Guidance process:



DMPTAG Executive Summary

If you would like a copy of the full report including the appendices, please contact Transport Planning.


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