Viewforth Masterplan

The Viewforth Masterplan is the culmination of the efforts of Stirling Council to establish the parameters and future possibilities for the development of the site of the Viewforth Complex, consisting of the council headquarters and other lands adjoining this site under ownership of the council and third parties.

The masterplan sets out their aspirations for the site and the potential for the future development of this area within the city of Stirling. This masterplan has considered all of the factors which impact and influence the site from the historical context, including the listed buildings which exist on the site and the mature woodland which creates the setting to the biodiversity and the important role that this plays within the future of Stirling.

The masterplan addresses the historical legacy of the site and the future legacy that the site can provide for Stirling through thoughtful, considered and responsible development. Development which respects the context in which it is built but aspires to the future growth of the city.

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