Reporting & Managing

Through this page you can access the latest performance information and analysis giving details of Stirling Council's performance over time and in comparison with other local authorities.

Single Outcome Agreement (SOA)

Local outcomes set out in the Single Outcome Agreement are measured by agreed performance indicators which can be viewed here.

Statutory Performance Indicators (SPIs)

SPI 1 - Corporate Management

Each Council is required to report a range of information, sufficient to demonstrate that it is securing Best Value in relation to:

Responsiveness to communities 

Revenues and service costs

Employees Assets
ProcurementSustainable development

Equalities and diversity

Performance information for Stirling Council relating to SPI 1 can be viewed here.

SPI 2 -  Service Performance

Each Council is required to report a range of information, sufficient to demonstrate that it is securing Best Value in providing the following services:

Benefits AdministrationCommunity Care

Criminal Justice Social Work

  Cultural and Community Services  
Planning Education of Children Child Protection and Children's Social Work Housing and Homelessness  
Protective Services Roads and LightingWaste Management Service     

All Stirling Council Service performance information relating to SPI 2 can be viewed here.

SPI 3 - Local Government Benchmark Framework

Each Council is required to report on performance in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Benchmark Framework (LGBF). The framework is a set of performance indicators developed for Scottish Councils to compare performance. This is to encourage sharing and learning between Councils to support continuous improvement.

Performance information about how Stirling Council compares to other local authorities can be viewed here.

The Stirling Council LGBF scorecard can be viewed here.

Stirling Performs by Committee

This set of performance indicators covers all key customer-facing services overseen by the five Council Committees. The performance indicators are updated monthly or quarterly and this live interactive scorecard provides access to the most up to date information available on Stirling Council's performance.

Stirling Performs by Committee

Performance Overviews

Further information and analysis of Stirling Council's performance is also available here.

Other Performance Reports

Single Outcome Agreement

Council Annual Report