Shared Services - Education and Social Services

Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils have agreed to deliver Education and Social Services together in partnership.

The aim is to provide better, more efficient services for customers by sharing best practice and making the most of the skills, expertise and experience across both Councils.

The Shared Service is overseen by a Programme Board. It is chaired alternately by one of the two Chief Executives (Stewart Carruth, Stirling and Elaine McPherson, Clackmannanshire) and attended by senior managers. The Board is joined by union representatives and reports the following week to a Steering Group of Councillors on plans and progress. 


We've reviewed and streamlined senior management structures. The aim is to strengthen leadership capacity without costing more. We're now looking at integration below the level of service management and this will be pursued where it will result in improved outcomes and more effective, efficient services; 


There are Frameworks guiding vision, principles, governance and plans in 3 areas:

  • Education Services;
  • Social Services;
  • Support Services - the services both teams rely on day to day: Admin, Finance, IT, Legal, HR, Communications.  

In June 2014 both councils agreed in principle to achieve deeper integration of Education and Social Services across Clackmannanshire and Stirling by taking forward further development according to the lead authority model.  

Business Case for a Full Lead Authority Shared Service across Education & Social Work 


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