Annual reporting

In addition to the regular Stirling Performs reporting cycle there is an Annual Report. This is divided into two parts. The first part provides information on the Council's performance during the year, and how we are progressing towards our strategic priorities. The second provides updates on the performance information used to monitor the progress.

A Partnership for Progress in Stirling - First Annual Report

In 2012 the Labour and Conservative Partnership Administration of Stirling Council set out its priorities for ensuring high quality public services. The report details the progress the Council has made towards these goals in the adminstration's first year. Advances have been made across the board and the foundations are now in place for further far reaching changes in the year ahead.

Right now the Council faces a 12% reduction in its funding from Scottish Government and is having to make £24m in savings. In order to ensure that the priorities set by the Partnership Administration is being met, the Council is working hard to find ways of doing more for less.

There is also an interactive version that gives the public direct access to public performance information for the measures identified as key performance indicators in the current report.

Previous Annual Reports presenting an update on the progress made during the financial year towards our objectives are published below:

We would like to hear your feedback on the Annual Report, so that changes can be made to make it even more user friendly. We have therefore set up a short survey which should only take a couple of minutes to complete.  This can be accessed here.

Statutory Performance Indicators

All councils in Scotland are required to publish their performance during the previous financial year against a set of Statutory Performance Indicators set by Audit Scotland.  Further information and comparison with other councils is available on the Audit Scotland website.

Council Improvement Plan

Each year we also publish an Improvement Plan, which states the priorities for improvement for the next three years.  These priorities are compiled from a variety of sources, including audits and inspections, self-assessment exercises, and our Residents Survey.