Media policy

A policy setting out rules on how Stirling Council will work with the media was agreed at a meeting of the Executive on Thursday 29 November 2012.

The Media Policy provides guidance to councillors, employees, arms length companies and partner organisations on all aspects of dealing with the media.  All Stirling Council media activity must follow the Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity issued under the Local Government Act 1986.  The Code of Recommended Practice sets out rules around content and style of publicity, dissemination of materials and advertising, and on the promotion of individual councillors.

The policy explains that media activities will be decided by the Head of Service and on occasion by the Chief Executive, as necessary, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder or Council Leader.  All media activity requires Councillor and officer sign-off before issue.  When deadlines are pressing, media activity for the Council can be signed off by the Communications Team Leader.

The Media Policy extends to Stirling Council’s web and social media channels.

A Media Good Practice Guide accompanies the policy.

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