Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Council Tax benefit has been replaced by Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

The current Council Tax benefit scheme was abolished by the Government from April 2013, this was replaced with a Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

Although the funding from the Central Government has been cut by 10% the Scottish Government and the councils are making up the difference.  Therefore, those currently in receipt of Council Tax Benefit will receive a reduction in their liability for Council Tax (provided that their circumstances remain the same) equivalent to the support that they would have received by way of Council Tax Benefit .

Customers claiming council tax reduction will still need to provide details of their income so they can be means tested to determine how much of a reduction they receive.  

Claimants who were in receipt of Council Tax benefit prioir to April 2013 were automatically transferred over to the new scheme.

Claims for the new Council Tax Reduction Scheme from 1 April 2013 should still be made to Stirling Council as normal

Council Tax Reduction Scheme helps people on a low income pay their Council Tax bill; it can help you pay all or part of your Council Tax.  Council Tax Reduction Scheme does not cover any water or waste water charges which you are due to pay along with your Council Tax.

Anyone who is liable to pay Council Tax can make a claim for Council Tax Reduction.

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