Council Tax Reduction Scheme -reviews

Information on reviews.

If I do not agree with the amount of reduction I am given, what can I do?


Provided it is done within two months of the date of decision, you should write in to us requesting a review. 

The request for review must state the reasons why you think the council tax reduction decision is incorrect. We will consider the request and reply with our decision in writing within 2 months. In Stirling Council a request for a review of Council Tax Reduction should be sent to:

Customer Services
Stirling Council
Teith House
Kerse Road

What happens if I still disagree after receiving my review decision?


If after receiving a review decision from us you remain dissatisfied then you can seek an independant ruling from the Council Tax Reduction review Panel who will conduct a further review.

A further review by the Council Tax Reduction Review Panel can only be requested after Stirling Council has carried out an internal review.

An application for further review should be made in writing to the:

Council Tax Reduction Review Panel                                                                                             

Europa Building                                                                                                                               
450 Argyll Street                                                                                                                            

G2 8LH                              


Further information, including application forms, are available via their website or by telephoning 0141 242 0223.