Open Data

What is Open Data? 

Open Data is non-personal data, which is accessible to anyone, via the internet, free of restriction on use and in a machine readable form.    

Benefits of Open Data 

Making data open will support:

  • Delivery of improved public services through public bodies making use of the data
  • Wider social and economic benefits through innovative use of the data
  • Accountability and transparency of delivery of public services  

Open Data Strategy for Scotland 

The Scottish Government published an Open Data Strategy for Scotland in February 2015, setting out the ambition of making data open and available for others to use and reuse.

Open Data in Stirling Council 

As the first step in Stirling Council’s Open Data Strategy, we are publishing details of data sets which are available.  This Open Data Catalogue will be updated with new entries.

  • Public Website Statistics

Web Statistics for Stirling Council are published monthly these are based on hits to pages within the public website. Listed are the top ranking pages on our site. We also publish our uptime statistics and Social Media Sites.

  • Download or View the List of all Schools and Nurseries in the Stirling Council area.

Tellme ScotlandTell me Scotland

Tellme Scotland is a portal for accessing public information notices issued by local authorities across Scotland. Here you can:

  • Search for public notices such as planning and licensing in your area
  • Check roadworks and restrictions on any route that you choose
  • Search archived notices across the country
  • Register to receive alerts by text or email on notices in your area