Be prepared for a flood

Don’t wait for a flood to strike.  

Preparing for a flood


In a flood, you may find you’re without lighting, heating or a telephone line. These simple actions will help you be prepared.
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance. For further information see Flood Re, the new not for profit scheme between the Government and Association of British Insurers to ensure flood insurance remains widely affordable and available.
  • Keep details of your insurance policy and the emergency contact number somewhere safe – preferably as part of your flood kit.
  • Get into the habit of storing valuable or sentimental items and important documents upstairs or in a high place.
  • Make sure you know where to turn off your gas, electricity and water. If you’re not sure, ask the person who checks your meter when they next visit. Mark the tap or switch with a sticker to help you remember.
  • Consider how you can protect your home. Buy some flood protection to block doorways and airbricks. In an emergency, make sandbags using old pillowcases, carrier bags or even tights filled with sand or earth. Further information on alternatives to sandbags is available here.
  • Make a family flood plan.
  • Make up a flood kit, including personal documents, insurance policy numbers, torch, battery or wind up radio, mobile phone, rubber gloves, Wellington boots, waterproof clothing, first aid kit and blankets.
  •  Move pets and vehicles out of the flood risk areas

Floodline Information packs are available on request



More details from SEPA's website where you can find out if your area is at risk of flooding

See also advice and support on flooding.

For general information about flooding contact Stirling Council on 01786 404040 and please tell us whether your call is about:

  • general flooding
  • roads flooding
  • new development

Please be as detailed as possible.