Flooding duties and responsibilities

The council has no statutory duty to prevent flooding to individual properties. However we aim to help residents as much as we can.  

  • The prime responsibility for protecting individual properties lies with the homeowner/business and the council where possible will provide assistance. 
  • Landowners are responsible for maintenance of their watercourses. The council has a duty to assess those within its ownership or contact them and maintain watercourses such as rivers, streams and culverts with the aim of reducing the risk of flooding. This is done by cleaning, repairing and maintaining any watercourse that may pose a risk of flooding. 


Plean After Plean Before
Plean grille after upgrade Plean grille before upgrade

Existing Flood Prevention Schemes 

The council maintains and inspects specific known problem areas on regular cycles. Many of these have trash screens or grilles which we install and maintain. 

  • We have one historical flood scheme- the Allanvale embankment,Bridge of Allan.

Fly tipping

Rubbish dumped in watercourses can cause blockages and result in floods. If you see this please help us by informing the contact centre who will deal with it accordingly.

 Under the Flood Risk Management Act 2009 every Scottish local authority has the following duties:

  • Map bodies of water
  • Assess bodies of water
  • Prepare Local Flood Risk Management Plans
  • Raise awareness