Equality Impact Assessment

Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) helps the Council take effective action on equality on behalf of its communities, citizens and employees and meet its statutory obligations.

Using Equality Impact Assessment as part of our decision making process helps the Council to:

  • integrate equality considerations into planning, policy development and review, and operational practice
  • ensure that it does not discriminate in the delivery of services, the design of policies and practices or any proposed changes to these
  • identify opportunities to promote equality and good relations between individuals and groups who live, work in or visit the area

Equality impact assessment:

  • supports informed decision making 
  • improves transparency about our decision making  

Equality impact assessment involves:

  • anticipating and identifying the consequences of our activities and policies or proposed changes to these on different sections of the community – particularly people in “ protected characteristic groups”  as defined by the Equality Act 2010, and those experiencing or potentially vulnerable to poverty
  • making sure that as far as possible, any negative impact on any group is eliminated
  • ensuring that opportunities for promoting equality are maximised  

When undertaking assessments the Council will: 

  • examine the impact of proposed new or revised policies or practice against the needs of the General  Equality Duty
  • consider relevant evidence relating to people with protected characteristics
  • consider relevant evidence relating to people experiencing or potentially vulnerable to poverty  
  • take account of the results of any assessment in respect of the policies or practice concerned
  • publish the results of assessments as required 

To ensure equality continues to be mainstreamed across all Council decision making, all proposals submitted to Committees and Council for consideration require to be accompanied by either an EqIA or justification why one was not needed.

Supporting Forms & Guidance

To determine if an assessment is required an EqIA Relevance Check is used.

Where an assessment is required it is recorded by completing an Equality Impact Assessment Form.

Information to help complete Section 7 of the above form is available here Outcomes and Key Priorities

Guidance on undertaking an assessment is provided in the Equality Impact Assessment Toolkit.

Publishing our Equality Impact Assessments

We are required to publish the results of Equality Impact Assessments for proposals which the Council has decided to implement. Assessments undertaken in 2014, 2015 and 2016 will be made available here as soon as possible.    

Equality Impact Assessments - 2013

The following Equality Impact Assessment were undertaken during 2013 using an earlier version of the forms and guidance listed above:-

Additional Support to Primary Schools

Additional Support Needs - Service Level Agreements Speech and Language

Adjustments to Supported Transport Services 

Adult Learning - Reduction in Community Projects

Cease Artlink Contract for Service with Culture

Community Based Youth Work

Culture Venues

Increase the Charges of School Transport to those not Eligible for Free Transport 

Libraries - Close Libraries between Christmas & New Year

Reforming Customer Services by Enhancing the Role of Libraries as Community Hub

Removal of Free Meals from those not legally entitled to receive them

School Crossing Patrol

School Meal Charges