Big Conversation

Over 1,000 local voices have so far been heard from people who completed our online Big Conversation survey but we’re not finished listening. Far from it.
The Council needs to make £24million of savings over the next five years, which means transforming the way we deliver our services and making some tough decisions.
As part of this process we want to have an open and honest discussion about the services that are most important to you.
Starting on October 15, a series of Big Conversation events will take place across the Stirling Council area as part of our aim of putting communities at the heart of our budget planning. 

Week 1 Commencing 15th October 2018  

This week, as well as talking to people at groups and events, we will be at:

  • The Peak on Tuesday 16 October, 1pm until 3pm
  • The Bus Station on Thursday 18 October, 2pm until 4pm
  • Callander Co op on Sunday 21 October, 10.00am until 12.00noon
  • Balfron Co op on Sunday 21 October, 1.00pm until 3.00pm

Week 2 Commencing 22nd October 2018

We will be hosting Big Conversations in the community. All are from 7.00pm till 9.00pm and open to everyone.

  • On Monday 22 October the Big Conversation will be at Wallace High School.
  • On Tuesday 23 October we will be at Stirling High School.
  • On Wednesday 24 October we will be at McLaren High School.
  • And, on Thursday 25 October the Big Conversation will be happening at Balfron High School.  

We would appreciate if you would let us know you are joining in the conversation by registering through Eventbrite


We are encouraging local people to host their own Big Conversations with family, friends, neighbours, community groups, co workers. We have prepared Big Conversation “Meeting in a box” materials which you can use for your own conversation. All we ask is that you record the conversation and send it back to Stirling Council.


We need to make £24m of savings over the next 5 years on top of the £30 m of savings we have already made since 2012.

We are reviewing and transforming how we deliver our services to ensure we are doing things in the most cost effective way. We would like you to help us shape these services tailored to suit your needs.

  • We spend around £317 m each year on services of which 75% comes from Government Grants.
  • 15% comes from Council Tax
  • 5% from Housing
  • 5% from fees and charges