City centre roads - consultation

Traffic and Access Improvements

Murray Place, Station Road, Goosecroft Road, Maxwell Place,  Barnton Street, Stirling

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As part of a review of traffic and access arrangements in the city centre, we are keen to gather the public’s comments on possible improvements in the streets shown in the map above.

We recognise that the current traffic arrangements in some of the core city centre streets are not ideal and can create barriers to cycling, walking and public transport access. A draft scheme has been developed to address some of the issues raised by the community and outlines changes that might be implemented in the future.


The scheme is being promoted for consultation, to determine the public’s opinion (good and bad) on the suggested improvements, and to ensure that all sectors of the community can input into the project. At this stage, funding has not been allocated to the construction of the project, however, it is hoped that following the consultations, a scheme can be proposed to Council later in the year, to seek funding for it’s future introduction.

The possible improvements being suggested are: 

  • Barnton Street, Maxwell Place, Murray Place and Station Road would become one‑way streets.
  • Maxwell Place re-opened to traffic in one direction.
  • Bus Stops and Taxi ranks enhanced and relocated to improve facilities and minimise congestion.
  • Footway areas improved to encourage pedestrian movement and enhance access to commercial premises
  • On-street parking maintained or enhanced for deliveries and customers

The formal consultation is now closed but if you have any comments please e-mail them to us.

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