Outcomes for Stirling

Outcomes for Stirling is the process through which Stirling Community Planning Partnership developed a new Single Outcome Agreement (SOA). 

The process included gathering evidence about different areas of Stirling, about life-stages and from communities’ plans.  The evidence gathered, the knowledge of both services and communities was used to assess the priority outcomes in the new SOA.

The new SOA has a lifespan of 10 years (2013 – 2023) and will seek to implement the findings of the Christie Commission on the future delivery of public services.

At a national level, the Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) are conducted a review of Community Planning and SOAs. A ‘Statement of Ambition’ was published which sets out the key principles that underpin Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) and SOAs.

New SOA 2013 - 2023

Following workshops with communities, community planning partners, equalities groups and joint workshops in 2012, a draft single outcome agreement was produced and submitted to the Scottish Government in April 2013.  Following a period of consultation amongst Partners, Councillors and Community Members a final version has now been agreed.

New Community Planning Partnership Structure

The Community Planning Partnership Leadership Group has agreed governance arrangements and a new outline CPP structure to deliver the SOA. This includes:

  • A Leadership Group which will carry out the functions of the CPP Board, lead the Partnership and be responsible for its effectiveness;
  • A Partnership Group which will be a wider reference group and provide a vehicle for wider advice, consultation, involvement and communication; some meetings will be held as community conferences;
  • Task Groups which will be responsible to the Leadership Group for delivery of action plans for intervention and prevention areas; members of the Leadership Group will act as strategic leads for each of these areas.  

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