Outcomes for Stirling -Partners sessions

Stirling Community Planning Partnership is beginning work on a revised Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) for the Stirling Council area. This will set out the agreed priorities for the people and communities of Stirling for the 2013-2023 period.

We want to involve all Community Planning Partners. We want to enable you to both feed in what you see as the priorities - using your local knowledge - but also give you an opportunity to comment on the evidence which has been gathered. Four workshops were arranged to do this in September 2012. 

In each workshop, attendees were asked to consider the evidence which can be found at the bottom of this page, and their local knowledge to identify issues relating to life stages and local communities. The documents below contain the information that was gathered from these events.  This information will be used in the next round of workshops to help begin to prioritise these issues in developing the Single Outcome Agreement. 

Please read these documents prior to attending a second round workshop as they will form the basis of discussion and prioritisation of issues. It may be useful to refer to the evidence again which can be found at the bottom of the page.

If you cannot come to any of the workshops and would like to comment, please email  

Top Issues from September Workshops

a table summarising issues raised at the Community Planning Conference, and community and partner workshops in September.

Where is Stirling off Target?

Key points from the evidence looking at where Stirling is significantly worse than the Scottish average.

What Have we Missed?

 What was identified by workshop participants as missing from the evidence presented at the workshops?

Community Issues

The issues raised at the workshops for community members. 

Below is the data, evidence and a high level policy summary that we prepared for the first round of workshops.

If you require further information, please contact Laura Caven or call 01786 443019.