Education Committee

The Education Committee deals with all functions of the Council as Education Authority and covers education at all levels from nursery through to adult.  All matters relating to the delivery of services to pre-fives and children of school age fall within the remit of this Committee.  The Council’s Standing Orders make provision for the membership of the Education Committee to include three representatives of religious bodies appointed, under Section 124 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, when discharging its functions as Education Authority.

The remit of this Committee includes the following key priorities:-

D - Improving the outcomes for the lowest performing 20 per cent of children in nurseries and schools

E - Providing additional nursery and out of school care places throughout the Stirling area to support working families

This Committee is responsible for the Projects listed below and such other projects that the Council has determined the Committee is responsible for since the Scheme was last reviewed:–

  • School Build Programme
  • Education Service fundamental redesign

The Education Committee is empowered to perform the following insofar as these are not limited by reservation to the Council itself:

  1. Directing and supervising the discharge of functions of the Council as an Education Authority, in respect of children of or below school age in terms of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 as amended and any other enactments amending or extending such functions and in terms of the Self-Governing Schools (Scotland) Act 1989, the Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc Act 2000, the Education (Disability Strategies and Pupils’ Educational Records) (Scotland) Act 2002, the Education (Additional Support For Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 and the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006.
  2. Formulating, examining and approving policies, strategies and plans relating to education (whether provided directly by the Council, external organisations or partnerships).
  3. Overseeing all matters relating to

•    nursery, primary and secondary school provision and provision for children with additional support needs;

•    crèche, play and out of school care

•    educational attainment;

•    curriculum and in-service training;

•    psychology service;

Where any new policies or changes to policies would have a significant impact on the Council’s strategic objectives, corporate policies or its resources, the Committee should not approve that policy/ change to policy but should instead refer it to Council for approval with or without recommendations.