Social Care & Health

The Social Care & Health Committee has responsibility for social work, older people’s care, adult social care, looked-after children, learning & physical disabilities, mental health, youth justice and criminal justice.

The remit of this Committee includes the following key priorities:-

B – Maintaining an increased focus on early intervention to help families in need

F - Being a good corporate parent

G - Improving care for our vulnerable people at home

This Committee is responsible for the Projects listed below and such other projects that the Council has determined the Committee is responsible for since the Scheme was last reviewed:–

  • Care Village
  • Changing the Balance of Care
  • Integration of Health and Social Care
  • Social Care Service fundamental redesign
  • Budget implementation strategy for Social Care

The Social Care & Health Committee is empowered to perform the following insofar as these are not limited by reservation to the Council itself

(1)    Formulating, examining and approving policies, strategies and plans relating to its areas of responsibility.
(2)    Giving detailed consideration to the Chief Social Work Officer report and reports from external regulatory and inspection bodies.
Where any new policies or changes to policies would have a significant impact on the Council’s strategic objectives, corporate policies or its resources, the Committee should not approve that policy/ change to policy but should instead refer it to Council for approval with or without recommendations.