Provost - general information

Councillor Simpson Stirling's Provost is Councillor Christine Simpson

Christine Simpson is the civic leader and represents the Council and the local communities at various ceremonial and other  events throughout the year.  She helps promote Stirling and the surrounding area locally, nationally and internationally. 

The Provost chairs meetings of Full Council ensuring that the meetings are conducted properly and that all councillors are treated equally and given the same opportunity to speak. For this reason the Provost's role is apolitical.

The Provost is always keen to hear of any celebrations to mark special occasions, events or achievements.  On certain occasions arrangements can be made to provide civic hospitality to mark particular events.  The level of hospitality depends on the nature of the event, the number of participants, venue, etc.  Applications for civic hospitality should be made as far in advance as possible - certainly at least 6 weeks prior to the event.  Application forms are also available from the Civic Office. These should be completed with as much information as possible and sent to

If you would like to invite the Provost to attend an event, recognise an achievement, or celebrate a Diamond Wedding Anniversary or 100th Birthday -

please contact the Civic Office by email or tel 01786 233069

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The Depute Convener is Councillor Graham Houston

The Provost is supported by four cross party Bailies.

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