Co-ordinated support plan

Staged Intervention

Additional Support Needs (ASN) are met through a system called Staged Intervention and some young people will have a Co-ordinated Support Plan (CSP).

Our ASN team have produced a Guide to Co-ordinated Support Plans giving detailed information on how these plans are created and reviewed and how parents, carers, children and young people should be involved in the process.

This guide also describes how parents, carers, and young people can appeal decisions about Co-ordinated Support Plans to the Additional Support Needs Tribunal.

Advice Services

Enquire, the Scottish Advice Service for Additional Support for Learning, has also produced fact sheets on a range of topics relating to support needs. Fact sheet 1, Planning Children's and Young People's Learning, relates specifically to CSPs and IEPs (Individualised Educational Programmes).

For further information on co-ordinated support plans or any other aspect of additional support for learning please contact the ASN Officer on 01786 233212.

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