ASN Outreach Service

The ASN Outreach Service provides early intervention and support for children and young people aged 0-18 with additional support needs in nurseries and schools.

The ASN team include a range of staff with expertise in supporting learners who have a range of needs including: complex health needs, sensory impairment, austism spectrum disorder and dyslexia.

The team work with schools, children and families in a range of ways:

  • consultation on resources and methodologies
  • formal and informal assessment
  • staff development for individuals and groups
  • co-ordination of interventions to raise attainment
  • specialist services to support individual needs
  • direct speclialist teaching in all areas of the curriculum.

Most often, a decision to contact the ASN Outreach Service will be taken at a meeting at school or nursery.

You can contact the ASN Outreach Service on 01786 272333.

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