Business support

We offer local business support through a range of programmes and packages that can assist with the recruitment, wages and training of candidates/employees.

We also work with a wide range of Stirling residents to support their future employment goals through skills and training initiatives.

Specific support to businesses can offer a tailored recruitment process comprising behavioural profiling, task analysis and induction support. 

We currently offer support with

  • Modern Apprenticeships
  • Employer Recruitment Incentives
  • Supported Employment Assistance (for recruitment of diverse and disadvantaged groups)
  • Bespoke training opportunities relating directly to skills shortages, diversity within the workplace and a working life for all disabled people.

Internships, work placements and tasters are also a valuable resource when supporting business productivity and allowing skills development for priority local client groups. We are happy to plan a range of supports which includes liaison with all local partner organisations through the Local Employability Partnership, ensuring a co-ordinated approach to your business support package.

For further information please contact 01786 233977 or email the Learning and Employability team.