Family learning

Family LearningGaelic for Parents

We offer a Gaelic language class to help parents support their children with their education at Riverside Primary School’s Gaelic Medium Unit. Parents are learning the language skills to enable them to help with their children’s reading and learning in Gaelic. Learners of any ability can join the class.

Family ESOL

We offer family English programmes in partnership with schools. These programmes are for parents and children whose first language is not English and provide an opportunity for families to learn together through fun activities. They aim to increase the learners' ability and confidence to communicate with the school and participate in activities at school and the wider community.

You can also view our YouTube video for more information.


Baby Plus Clinic

We work alongside Health Visitors and Family Support Workers to support new families at the Baby Plus Clinic in Hillpark Community Centre. The families have been making baby/family journals to tell their personal stories of new parenthood. Other activities include rhyme and story time and a book swap box.


Adult Learning and Youth Services have a Parents' group at the YT Club in Cultenhove. The group offers an opportunity for parents to get together, look at how they can support each other and get involved in a range of activities.

For further information on any of the above classes or groups please email Adult Learning or call 01786 237517.