IiV LogoThe Adult Learning Team was awarded the Investing in Volunteers award for the second time in 2012, having been the first local authority service in Scotland to achieve the award in 2009.

Volunteering Opportunities


Volunteers can be involved in the tutoring of learners, supporting a group tutor in literacy and numeracy classes, where adults improve their reading, writing or number skills or in ESOL classes (English for Speakers of Other Languages).

Community Class Buddy

Volunteers can ‘buddy’ learners who need support to participate in other adult learning classes such as Computing or Arts and Crafts.

Publicity and Promotion

Volunteers can assist in the promotion of Adult Learning, whether this is producing, collating or distributing publicity materials, or assisting at promotional events.

Volunteer of the Year 2012Who can volunteer?

Anyone with an interest in adult learning and a commitment to the ethos of lifelong learning. Appropriate training is provided to all volunteers and can lead to an SQA qualification in ITALL (Introduction to Adult Literacies Learning).


You will get the opportunity to meet new people, gain new skills and experience whilst doing something that is of vital importance to the individuals involved. We will also reimburse you for reasonable travel cost. Ongoing training and support are also offered.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Adult Learning Team contact Ruth Martin or call 01786 237517